• “It was spectacular, awesome and inspiring. You’ve captured a real spirit with this film.”

    – Daniel Guando, SVP of Acquisitions from The Weinstein Company

  • “Wow! Congratulations on creating such an incredibly inspiring, stunningly beautiful and deeply heartfelt and wise film…transformative storytelling, compassionate vision and the illumination of the human spirit and Humankind’s potential.”

    Barry Rivers, Maui Film Festival Director

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In the Media

“The Search for Freedom gives us the answer”

“Part adrenalin-fuelled rollercoaster ride, part heartfelt love letter, The Search for Freedom appealingly tells the story of extreme sports from their most humble of beginnings. But be warned – it’ll set you itching to get back to the mountains…”

“Fill[s] you with inspiration to do the things you love.”

“Beautifully filmed and edited, The Search for Freedom looks to the past, present, and future of not only those who risk it all but also for the everyday enthusiasts, all of whom are looking for a moment or two unplugged from an increasingly connected society. Far more than showcasing just adrenalin porn, it digs into the reasons a growing number of people engage in such behaviors, and in the process breaks them down in a way that any viewer can appreciate.”

“A brilliantly edited and inspiring documentary that will make you want to quit your job and move to a seaside shack.There’s no way the latest superhero reboot is going to change your life the way The Search for Freedom will.”

“A new level of action sports porn.”

“The Search for Freedom” is more than an action sports documentary. The movie by Jon Long is almost a philosophical essay on what makes someone feel alive.”

“Demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible.”

“Must Watch: New Film “The Search for Freedom” Explores Why We Love Adventure So Much. It’s a playful yet thoughtful exploration of what drives the human spirit from the mouths of the people who know adventures first hand.”

“3.5 out of 4 stars” … “Visually stunning”

“This is effectively a love letter to action sports”

“The Earth Network, Abramorama, GrindTV, Tugg and Vimeo are collaborating on the U.S. theatrical release of The Earth Network’s documentary The Search for Freedom.”

“Artfully portrays stories of action sports’ elite and the passion that propels each to push progression, in search of freedom.”

“This is one you want to see in theaters, trust us.”

“This is a film about the freedom that comes when you become completely immersed in the moment.”

“Hopefully it inspires some people to give these sports a try”

“It is a story of the soul shared by adventurers and how that soul infiltrated society.”

“A powerful and revealing story that captivates imaginations and leaves the door open to what the pursuit of freedom means to you.”

“The pursuit of freedom is tied inextricably to the pursuit of happiness”.

“A beautiful and visceral documentary”.

“It is an amazing visual experience”.

The Search for Freedom “takes the dreamers who are the top of their games and gets them talking about the beauty that comes from succeeding by living in the moment.”

“These characters are searching for something larger than themselves, whether that’s an ocean, a mountain or a city street. By exploring timeless themes such as pushing your comfort zone, risk, fear and the unquenchable desire to learn”.

Friends and Influencers

“The film is amazing! I am proud and honored to be apart of it. It was screened to a very core audience of film makers, athletes, etc and everyone loved it. We also had a great q&a after.“

“An incredibly inspiring, stunningly beautiful and deeply heartfelt and wise film.“

“It was spectacular, awesome and inspiring. You’ve captured a real spirit with the film.“

“Bravo! Last night I had the absolute privilege of seeing The Search for Freedom. I was moved at the stories, profound and simple, that spoke to our search for our own meaning/identity and the exhilarating pathways there. After the movie I stood out front and spoke at length with friends about the many scenes that resonated and spoke to us. For me, it has been many years since a movie has sparked such deep dialogue.“

“This was an incredible movie, extremely uplifting, a real life exploration of the human potential tapped when we go beyond limiting beliefs of what is and is not possible. A big wow.“

“This was movie was beautifully shot and such a visually stunning movie. In fact, it went beyond watching a movie, it was a thrilling experience. The interviews were fascinating and brought a deeper understanding to the motivation for these “thrill seekers”. Excellent movie recommended to all.“

“Saw this last week and it blew me away. This is why we do what we do and why we are so passionate about it. If you love action sports this movie is a must see.“

“Absolutely breathtaking. My 10 year old son said “it was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen in my life” and I tend to agree. Phenomenal!“

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